About Joe and Sonja

Joe and Sonja Leone own a small family photography business called Joe Leone Photography. While Joe is the photographer, Sonja assists with all other aspects of the sessions and business. We currently provide photography services to families, couples and individuals, and have been in business since 2009 capturing memories in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Sonja has also been part of the breast cancer community for over a decade. Although she has never had breast cancer, she felt driven and it called to her to be a part of that community. She was often asked why she chose Breast Cancer and who she knew that could have impacted her to want to be a part of that community. She knew people who had previously had the disease, but were not direct impact on her life. She soon realized, that she did not need to know someone to care about the cause as she was somebody. She has since met many with Breast Cancer in many different stages of progression, people who we now call family. Over the years there have also been quite a few of those new family members who have succumb to this disease. Through her devotion and connection we have as a family tried to be involved, but always felt like what we had to offer was not enough.

In 2018, we decided we wanted to combine our passions for photography and our compassion for the Breast Cancer community and give back to these families that have been inundated by this horrible disease. As we are unable to service all of the breast cancer community, we chose to service the Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) portion of the community.

We are on a mission and therefore created 13th Hour. You can view our complete mission on Our Mission page.


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