Flanigan Family - Brandon Florida

The Flanigan family is from Brandon, Florida. We visited Picnic Island Park in Tampa and below are a few images from their session.

Here is her story.

Hello my name is Debra and I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with liver Mets and brain Mets. I was first diagnosed in August 2009 with breast cancer. In 2013 it came back and spread to my liver which made it stage 4. I have done radiation, had surgeries and am still on a maintenance chemo which I will be on the rest of my life. In February of this year I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I had 5 lesions on my brain. I had cyber knife radiation which shrunk them. I had to do steroids so that my body accepted the procedure. I had so many bad side effects from the steroids that they had to wing me off of them early. Today I am still doing 2 chemo drugs. My bad headaches have returned so an MRI is scheduled for next week.