Padron Family – Orlando Florida

We had another amazing time meeting this beautiful MBC family from Kissimmee Florida. For this session, we visited Gaston Edwards Park in Orlando Florida which made for amazing family photos. Below are just a couple of the photos captured.

Here is here story.

I am a Metastatic Breast Cancer patient since 2015, single mother of three, Living Beyond Breast Cancer advocate for the Hispanic community. Living with metastatic breast cancer has changed not only my life but also my kids’. We have faced a lot of challenges as my diseased have progressed including emotional and financial as I had to file for bankruptcy after exhausting all my savings in my first treatment back in 2013 when I had no insurance to cover my bills. I have found a lot of peace advocating for other metastatic patients and families and supporting not only LBBC but also Metavivor and Metup in the researching for treatment of the disease. It has been a dream of mine to have a beautiful photo session with my kids to keep as a beautiful memory for them to keep once my time here is ended. I appreciate the opportunity given to be part of this amazing program and I am very grateful for your support to the community.