The Process

Below is the process on how to apply for a Free Family Photography Session, approval, booking and completion of the session.


The patient, family member or close friend may complete the application. The first step is to read the Recipient Terms and Conditions. Then the Physicians Letter needs to be downloaded and the Application Form completed. The Physicians Letter must be taken to your active care physician to be completed. There is information in the letter for your physician to return the letter to us. Please note, your physicians office must return the form to us. Once we have received the completed application and physicians letter, we will review the documents for approval.


After you are approved, you will receive an email and text message advising of your approval. You will also receive booking information. Once booked, our staff will then contact you to discuss your family session and provide you with additional information you may needed.


Depending on your medically needy status in the application, our location at the time and our availability, we will travel to you to complete the session. If we happen to not be available or the session is medically urgent and we are too far away, we will attempt to contact a local photographer in your area. That photographer will then complete your session on the date, time and place that which you booked.


After the session has been completed, the images captured will be processed and made available for download to you via our website within 10 to 14 days. You will also be able to share your gallery link with family members or friends if you wish to do so.


Our staff will then contact you a few days after your images were made available to see if you have any questions or need help obtaining your images.

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